Fabulous GCSE results 2020

Outstanding Results for Year 11 at Bedstone College

It has been a challenging year for students, however year 11 students at Bedstone College have surpassed (already high) expectations and broken school records. With 65% of grades above 7 (the equivalent of A*-A data in previous years) this smashes the national data of 28% across the country. Similar success is shown with nationally 46% of students gaining above a grade 6 compared to 76% of Bedstone students gaining a grade 6 or above.

Wendy Martin, Head, says “Once the lock down announcement was made it was important that our students continued to work towards their GCSE results. Online lessons were continued with the same momentum that would have taken place had students been in school. It is a credit to our students that they bought in to those lessons and continued revising and studying to secure sound evidence to support the grade predictions of their teachers.” But it didn’t stop there; unlike many students who get a long summer break, many of the Year 11 students chose to engage in the “Bridging the Gap” classes put on by the College and are now in an extremely strong position as they embark on their A levels and/or BTECs.