students walking Old Hall

Exceptional A* grades for Bedstone students

Over the last couple of years A levels have gone through the biggest reforms in a generation. At Bedstone we are delighted that our A level results indicate that we have made the necessary adjustments to ensure our students have been well supported through the changes.

This year we have seen a record number of A* grades (13%, compared to 7.7% Nationally); this is even more exceptional given we are a small, non-selective school, where a proportion of students are studying A levels through a second language.

Dedicated specialist teaching combined with an extensive extra-curricular programme ensures that Bedstone students not only succeed academically, but also develop in to well-rounded individuals.

Wendy Martin, Head, says “I am so proud of our students, not only are they delightful young adults, but they have worked hard and gained the academic success they deserve”.