Students on bench

Art students in the fifth and sixth forms spent a fantastic day exploring the National Museum Cardiff on Tuesday 20th February.

The fifth and sixth form artists are in the process of researching for their art examination projects. One element which they will be assessed on is the exploration of work by other artists. This is a wide area to cover. Initially the artists will be looking at and making copies of examples of work which resonate with them. This may then in turn influence the development of the artists own work and artistic ideas. This research trip gave the young artists the opportunity to see other artists work, including some very influential artists, who may help the students to formulate their own ideas. The art collection at the National Museum Cardiff is five hundred years old and houses one of Europe’s finest collections of impressionist art. It was a great opportunity for the art students to see a range of world class art on display and to spend time seeking ideas and inspiration.

students at the museum