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Bedstone’s connections with top physicists continues

Upper Sixth student Alan G has received advice from leading astrophysicist and senior figure in UK science, Professor Martin Rees. Professor Rees is the son of the founder of Bedstone College and was Bedstone’s first student. He is now the Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at Cambridge University and Baron Rees of Ludlow.

Professor Rees has made many significant, influential contributions to the field of astrophysics, including theoretical work on black hole formation and the end of the cosmic dark ages. The Royal Society features a fuller biography detailing his work here.

Alan has benefitted from a conversation with Professor Rees, an experience that few young physicists get to have. They discussed Alan’s recent offer from Oxford University to study physics at University College. Alan was able to receive advice on the tutorial system he would study within at University, as well as what Professor Rees sees as the most important characteristics that make a successful physics researcher. Alan also asked what Professor Rees expects to be the most important areas of physics in the next ten years. Alan was able to find out more about Professor Rees’ motivations for pursuing a career in physics and what have been the toughest challenges in his career.

Professor Rees shared that after initially studying mathematics, he discovered that he preferred to apply maths and explore the world around us. He was able to do this through joining an astronomy research group at Cambridge. Professor Rees also stressed the importance of computational aids and how as telescopes become more powerful we will be able to discover even more about the universe. It is a very exciting field for Alan and any other budding physicists to enter.

Alan said that Professor Rees was: “Very generous and warm hearted. He has offered to keep in touch and discuss Physics problems with me. He is a very successful scientist.”

Alan has already started to distinguish himself as a young physicist, he received a gold medal for his work in the first round of the prestigious British Physics Olympiad and has recently sat his paper for the second round. We wish Alan the very best of luck as he continues with his studies and are proud to see Bedstone’s tradition of inspiring physicists continues.