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Brilliant performance at British Physics Olympiad

The 2018 British Physics Olympiad saw 1,960 students from across the UK and 1,000 students from China enter the challenging competition, aimed at recognising excellence and encouraging the study of Physics. Students complete fiendishly difficult questions in an examination that lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Bedstone entered four students who all performed brilliantly in this difficult competition that requires problem solving skills, knowledge and determination. All are key to success in the extremely difficult rounds that are designed to really stretch the most able students.

Bedstone students have had another highly successful competition with Andrii P and Rebecca W receiving the Gold award, reaching the top 10% of a very selective group. Kostiantyn P received Silver and Anna M received a commendation.

Head of Physics, Mr Olive said “The Physics department is very proud of the achievement and determination shown by our students in achieving such excellent results”. Congratulations to all competitors on this fantastic accomplishment.

Physics team