Coronavirus – latest update

At Bedstone College the safety of our students and wider community is our number one priority. We are monitoring the international and local situation carefully. We regularly check Public Health England (PHE), World Health Organisation (WHO), National Health Service (NHS) and Government advice. The College’s Senior Management Team meet daily to ensure the actions we are taking to safeguard our student’s health are in line with official advice and appropriate for Bedstone College.

Overseas students returning from high risk areas ( are being asked to self-isolate until they have been 14 days symptom free within the UK. Any students exhibiting Coronavirus symptoms (dry persistent cough and temperature) are asked to stay away from school for 7 days or until symptoms subside. Good hand hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19 and the washing of hands thoroughly and often combined with the “catch it, bin it, kill it” strategy is emphasised and re-enforced by all staff.

School will remain open to all students whilst staffing levels allow and Government advice supports this decision. In the event that school has to close to “day” students, remote teaching will be deployed and students and teaching staff are all ready to use google classroom and other on-line resources to ensure the education of our students remains as continuous as possible.

We are doing everything within our power, given the constant changing circumstances, to ensure our students have a continuity of education and care.