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Students participate in Bedstone’s famous Endurance Race

This year’s endurance was a fantastic event, with great weather and a huge amount of effort from all the participants. On Sunday 5th May, teams of four students aged between 16 and 18 years from Bedstone’s competitive houses embarked on one of the most gruelling annual challenges any student in the country will face. This race has been a part of the college for a very long time and is almost synonymous with the ethics and attitudes we promote, for students to be curious, robust, adaptable and tolerant.

The Head of Boys PE, Mr Jamie Simpson, designs an endurance race between the three houses within the school (Hopton, Wigmore and Stokesay). The race is around 36 kilometres in length for the boys’ teams and 26 kilometres in length for the girls’ teams.  It involves navigation in all weathers over some of Shropshire’s most rural and challenging terrains.

During the race the teams have a number of coordinates and questions that they must answer at various stations along the route; failure to answer a question results in automatic disqualification. It is an immense experience for these teams of four, the challenge of navigation whilst fatigued and the teamwork and discipline involved is what makes this day so very special and unique to the College.

Mr. Simpson stated “This course is over some of the most challenging areas of Shropshire both physically and mentally, it has been designed to push the limits of the students’ capabilities. If one member drops out, the rest of the team are disqualified, the character of these young people is unbelievable and a true credit to the College and their parents!”

The challenge took students across Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys. All participants should feel very proud. Congratulations to Wigmore Boys and Girls for winning and showing great leadership. Special mentions must be given to Kian for giving it a go at the last minute and the Hopton boys for taking part despite only having three team members and therefore being unable to get 1st or 2nd place. It shows great resilience and determination to personally achieve something despite not being able to win. Well done to all involved, times for the day can be seen below.


1ST: WIGMORE in 5 hours 56 minutes

2nd: STOKESAY in 7 hours

3rd: HOPTON in 8 hours 45 minutes


1ST: WIGMORE in 5 hours 55 minutes

2nd: STOKESAY in 7 hours 45 minutes


Endurance race