Student in grounds

Fourth form art students view J. M. W. Turner’s work

Earlier this year, the fourth form made a trip to The New Art Gallery in Walsall. Their main reason for visiting was to see the exhibition ‘Legacies – J.M.W. Turner and Contemporary Practice’. The exhibition showed how contemporary artists continue to be influenced by the work and working methods of the great British 19th century painter.

Joseph Mallord William Turner’s work was ground breaking in its time and continues to influence artists today, he produced over 2,000 paintings during his lifetime. Jason Smith, Head of Art discussed Turner’s technique “The objective is to accumulate many sketches, both analysing the work of artists (as we were doing on this visit) and drawing from the world of our immediate personal experience – drawing from direct observation.” The trip was a fantastic opportunity to see the artists’ work and find out more about his working methods.