Dear Parents/Guardians,

Sadly the snow has continued to fall here at Bedstone and while it makes for a beautiful landscape, the freezing temperatures forecast for tonight will mean that, again, our buses will not run tomorrow morning.

Regretfully, I am closing the college to ‘Day’ students tomorrow (Saturday 3rd March).

If you are involved in the Sunday activity this weekend, we are currently hoping that we can go ahead. The temperature on Sunday is forecast to be above zero and so any lying snow and ice should have melted by the time we intend to leave for the trampolining activity.

Temperatures are due to rise from tomorrow afternoon and so I doubt that there will be much, if any snow or ice, on the ground on Monday. It is my intention for us to get back to business as usual on Monday morning. If there is any change over the weekend, I will be sure to let you know.

Best wishes and I hope that you will enjoy your extended weekend.

David Gajadharsingh