Students in science lab

International Student Experience at Bedstone

Anna, a student from Poland tells us about her experience at Bedstone.

Please can you tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Anna, I’m from Katowice, which is located in the south part of Poland. Last year I decided to get a new experience and start studying in a school abroad.

How old are you?
I’m 17 years old.

What are your interests?
I’m interested in maths and science. Apart from this I love movies and cinema and I enjoy sports.

When did you first start at Bedstone?
I joined the Bedstone family this school year, in September 2017.

Did it take you long to settle in?
No, it didn’t. Before I came here I was really nervous about finding myself in a school in another country. However school staff and students were so helpful and friendly, that I quickly became an active member of Bedstone society.

Are you enjoying it?
Yes I am. I enjoy both lessons and time spent on extras like sport and other activities.

What are your favourite subjects?
I love maths and sciences. I especially enjoy chemistry and physics. In those subjects I can see through practicals how things work in reality.

How would you describe life at Bedstone?
Well organised. There is time for everything. Even though I spend a lot of time on studying I still have time to do sport, attempt extra activities and have fun with my friends.

What is your favourite aspect of life at Bedstone?
Studying and living with people from different parts of the world, getting to know their customs and parts of their cultures.

Do you think other students you know would like it here?
Of course. Everybody can find something to enjoy. There is something for those who are keen on maths and chemistry and sciences, but people enjoying art, music and sport can also develop their interests here.

What is the most surprising thing about Bedstone?
Even though a large part of the student community is international, everything functions very well, besides language and cultural differences.

What have you learnt whilst you have been here?
I have learnt that there is a way to realise every idea that comes to my head, either it is making a course connected with my interests or volunteering on another continent.

Do you think Bedstone has helped you improve in any particular subjects or disciplines?
Definitely. Apart from progress in studying and improvement of my English skills, I’ve also developed myself in totally new areas. I’ve tried new sports, disciplines, attempted mountain expeditions and attempted design technology lessons, which are not available in my country.