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Raise the drawbridge! Junior One have their own Castle

‘Knights and Castles’ has been the topic for Junior One this term, covering history, music, art, design technology, science and literacy. Before the topic began, each child gave their ideas as to what they would like to learn about. Junior one’s topic lessons are all centred around the children’s ideas and thanks to their creative thinking, they have had some brilliant learning experiences so far. One of their ideas was to design and build a classroom castle to play in, including a dungeon, drawbridge and portcullis. Other ideas they have explored include how people lived within the castle walls, what it took to become a knight and how a castle was designed to withstand a battle. The children have been inspired to write and perform some lovely castle themed poetry and they will be dipping into the vast range of myths and legends involving knights and dragons before the term is over. They have also been listening to and discussing the calming compositions of a medieval composer called Hildegard von Bingen and creating their own pictures inspired by her music.

They studied the history and features of Stokesay Castle prior to their visit so when they arrived there, it all came alive for the class. They were fascinated by all of the various rooms in the castle and enjoyed completing a quiz and some sketches as they went around together. A picnic lunch followed by some outdoor playtime was also a particular highlight for all with the backdrop of the castle in the sunshine.

The class have asked if they can visit another castle, so Hopton Castle may get a visit before the term finishes. To round off the topic in style, using homemade helmets and shields, they will stage a Junior One Knight’s Tournament with a medieval banquet. Junior One teacher Mrs Hood said: “The children have been so enthusiastic about this topic from day one and it has been such a pleasure to be part of their learning experience. Mrs Williams and myself are very proud of them all!”

Junior One Castle