Bedstone Court

Introducing our new Head Boy and Head Girl

As this academic year draws to a close, preparations for September are already well underway. Our new prefects have been appointed as have the Head Boy and Head Girl for the next academic year. Many congratulations to all the students who are taking on new responsibilities next year. Our new Head Boy is Frazer T and our new Head Girl is Katherine S.

The Head Boy and Head Girl take on the huge responsibilities of helping with the day to day management of the school, designing the prefect duty rotas, being ambassadors for the school and meeting with the Head and Deputy Head every morning to plan for the day ahead. They also attend the Head Boy and Head Girl conference during the summer and will give an end of year speech during speech day.

Frazer said: “I have had a huge amount of respect for previous Head Boys so it is an honour to take on this role that I have looked up to.”

Katherine said: “I was shocked to be chosen as Head Girl but also honoured as this is a role I have wanted all year and it is a great opportunity to get more involved in school activities.”

We are delighted to congratulate Frazer and Katherine on their roles and extend our thanks to our outgoing prefects and Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as the entire Upper Sixth Form who will be greatly missed as they leave Bedstone for their next adventures.

Head Girl Katherine S and Head Boy Frazer T