Trustees of Bedstone College are pleased to announce that they are nearing completion of the sale of the College to the London & Oxford Group, safeguarding the future of Bedstone College and with it the interests of its students, parents and staff alike.

Staff at the school are rightly proud of their outstanding educational and pastoral record and they are confident that with the investment that London & Oxford can bring Bedstone’s strengths and ethos will continue to benefit future generations.

Introduced by a former parent who fell in love with the school, it quickly became apparent that London & Oxford has a shared vision of the potential Bedstone has to boost student numbers and reap the benefits of past infrastructure investment.

On completion, Bedstone will be loan and mortgage free with plans for significant immediate and longer term investment. Private education is a marketplace with its own particular challenges and the Trustees firmly believe that joining with London & Oxford is the ideal way to safeguard the present and seize the opportunities that the future will bring.

The Board of Governors and Headmaster will remain in post and there will be little, if any, change in day-to-day management of the school. London & Oxford Group have given their full support to the management team at Bedstone, led by the Headmaster, David Gajadharsingh.

Paul Newton, Chairman of London & Oxford Group said: “Bedstone College has provided outstanding education to its students since its foundation. We have been attracted both by the quality of its Board of Governors, Headmaster and staff and by the College’s high quality

infrastructure on which we believe a very successful future can be built. We would like to place on record our appreciation for the welcome we have received and you may be assured that we are fully committed to investing in the outstanding education and ethos that Bedstone has been built on. Caritas!’’

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Grp. Capt. Jon Fynes, said, ‘’On behalf of all at the College may I welcome London & Oxford to the Bedstone family and assure all our students, parents and staff of our conviction that this is the start of a bright, exciting and secure future for Bedstone College. The vision and values that our founder, Reginald Rees, cherished above all else, will continue to inform everything that we do at Bedstone long into the future.’’

Mr Gajadharsingh added: “I am absolutely delighted to bring you such wonderful news. It secures the future of the college while allowing us to continue doing what we do so well; bringing out the best in each child through building confidence and self-esteem. Here’s to the future!”