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Beyond Bedstone

We interviewed Old Bedstonian, Sasha Hamlin about her life Beyond Bedstone

Age: 23

Years when you were at Bedstone College: 2005-2010

Please describe your education or work since leaving Bedstone College?
After leaving Bedstone I went onto Hereford Sixth Form College before the University of Manchester, where I studies for a History BA and received the Dean’s Academic Award for Achievement. While at university I continued to work part-time and volunteer. This led to an internship which resulted in a graduate job in market research. I worked as a market researcher for a year after graduating but I quickly realised I missed history, so on a recommendation from an old professor I applied for a Master’s at Cambridge. Upon receiving a full research grant, I matriculated into Christ’s College in October 2017.

Please describe your interests since leaving Bedstone College?
I have always had a keen interest in volunteering. Since leaving Bedstone I have volunteered in various roles, including care projects abroad, running activities at a Manchester women’s shelter, running children’s history activities, and working in museums. I also love travelling, having spent a considerable time abroad around Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Unsurprisingly, I absolutely love history, so enjoy visiting museums and art galleries.

What was the best part of your education at Bedstone?
I spent a lot of time at Bedstone playing a variety of sports, and sports that felt more fun than competitive, it was about more than just studying. Sports was hugely important to de-stress and get away from work.

What was the best thing that you learnt at Bedstone College?
Bedstone taught me to be an “all-rounder”, an attitude I think has helped me explore new opportunities since leaving, like travelling and volunteering.

If you could give your younger self a piece of advice what would it be?
To believe in myself from earlier on; I only began to gain confidence in myself and my abilities as I grew older.

At Bedstone we aim for our school leavers to be curious, robust, adaptable and tolerant. Please could you tell us which of these skills has been most useful to you since leaving Bedstone and why?
Curious. I am definitely a curious person, this led me out of my comfort zone to try new opportunities, move jobs, moves cities, gain new skills, meet new people, to travel and embrace new cultures.