Reminder of cold weather procedure

With the arrival of some colder weather, I thought that it would be an opportune time to remind you of the procedures in place in case we needed to close the college to Day Students.

This decision can be taken only by the Headmaster, or in his absence, his appointed deputy.

The decision takes into consideration the safety of travel on the school buses and the number of students and teachers expected to arrive at school. If safe supervision is likely to be compromised on the school site, then the decision will be made to close the college to Day Students.

Those whose children travel on school transport will be alerted as soon as possible if there is a closure. If the decision to close is made when the bus is en route, with passengers, the drivers will arrange to return your child to you at an agreed stop. If children cannot be returned to you, they will proceed to school where they will be looked after.

If you are unable to bring your child in as normal, please do call in to reception to let us know.

If a decision is made to close the college during the school day, your child will contact you and ask to be collected. Please check on the college website to confirm that the decision has been made to close. If you are unable to collect them, they will leave on transport at the usual time(s). If there is a failure in transport, they will be looked after at school in the boarding houses.

Please keep your eyes on the school website as this will have the latest information:

Best wishes,

David Gajadharsingh