Our A-Level students are celebrating today after nearly half of all entries were at ‘B’ grade or above and 100% pass rates in nine subjects.
Headmaster, David Gajadharsingh said: “I am delighted with this year’s A-Level results. We are extremely proud not only of our high-achieving top grade students but also all those students who have worked exceptionally hard to boost their final grades and achieve results that have gone beyond expectations. As a non-selective independent school, our aim is to ensure that every child reaches their full potential by working with them to achieve their best possible results, and the grades this year are a true reflection of the hard work done by staff, students and parents alike.
Our top performers this year included local student Emily K from Bucknell who secured A*AAB, and Kornelia S, who also achieved A*AAB. To do four full A-levels is challenging enough but to achieve such high grades simply underscores the fact that at Bedstone, we successfully support students of all abilities to achieve great things! Emily and Kornelia are both taking a gap year next year but doubtless, with those grades, a place a one of the very top universities will be waiting for each of them in September 2018.
Overall, almost half of all entries were at ‘B’ grade or better and there were 100% pass rates in Art/Chemistry/English Literature/French/Further Mathematics/Geography/German/History and PE.
University entrants were equally impressive. Even at this early stage, we can say that some 60% of applicants have secured a place at their first choice institution and that 90% have secured their places at either their first or second choice university. This bodes very well for their futures and we can be very proud of everything that they have achieved. We wish them all the very best as they start their new exciting adventures beyond school.”
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