At Bedstone it is our aim to maximise every pupil’s academic potential, by offering a broad curriculum, employing excellent staff, and maintaining small class sizes, which will not only lead to academic success at school but also provide the foundations for success at university and the wider world.

Our academic curriculum is designed to provide an extensive range of subject options, underpinned by a strong tutor programme to support and encourage students to secure a place at their higher education institution of choice, including Russell Group universities.

For some students who wish to pursue a more career-aligned programme, we offer a selection of courses with recognised qualifications providing a fast-track route into apprenticeships or directly into relevant industries.

At Bedstone we focus on equipping all students with the skills for success at school as well as at university and in their future careers.

Senior Curriculum

Students follow a broad and stimulating KS3 curriculum made up of English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (all taught separately), French, Spanish, History, Geography, Design Technology (DT), Art, Physical Education, Music, Religious Studies (RS), Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). The students are provided learning support as required, along with a gifted and talented programme. In terms of physical well-being, they have games and fixtures up to three times each week as well as PE lessons, and extra-curricular activities on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Year 10 and Year 11

At GCSE level, all students take the core subjects of Maths, English (Language and Literature), a modern foreign language (MFL), Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (either as three separate sciences for the top set or as a dual award qualification for the second set) and all have Games on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. All take a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) – typically French or Spanish – though for some students for whom English is not the first language, depending upon timetabling and availability, EAL (English as an Additional Language) may be substituted leading to IGCSE or IELTS qualifications in English. Similarly those who require learning support do, on some occasions, have one-to-one support lessons in the place of MFL.

Students choose additional subjects from Art, Business Studies, Design Technology (DT), Geography, History, Music or Sports Studies. The options are devised each year after consulting with students and their parents as to what subjects they may wish to take, and then making the best fit of option choices. For most subjects, students are placed in sets based on ability. Optional subjects are placed in one or more of the three option blocks, depending on numbers and combinations.

Sixth Form

The Court 6th Form is an exciting programme at Bedstone, with full details available at:

Y12 online learning timetable Spring 2021              Y13 online learning timetable Spring 2021

University Entry (UCAS)

Choosing the correct university course is a daunting task. At Bedstone we have a number of highly experienced members of staff who are on hand to advise and guide your son/daughter through the UCAS process. We also enlist the support of our ISCO adviser, who comes to college on a regular basis to meet with the students. Bedstone has an excellent record of supporting our leavers to achieve places at university. Over the last three years, seven out of 10 of our leavers have secured a place at their first choice institution and nine out of 10 go on to study at degree level.