Sunday Activities Programme

Bedstone College prides itself on being a full boarding school where academic lessons are taught on six days each week. Sports and other extra-curricular activities form an important part of our school week; with some form of sport or extra-curricular activity taking place on five afternoons each week. On a Sunday, the boarding students are allowed to have a late breakfast and there is also the opportunity to take part in either an on-site or an off-site activity, alternating weekly. The Sunday activities programme is open equally to day and boarding students and consists of a wide variety of events.

Spring 2020 Weekend Activities Programme

Sunday Activities Information

‘High risk’ activities form

To take part in some of these activities parents must complete an indemnity form for their child.

General indemnity/Consent form

To book activities for the Spring 2020 term please complete the google form by clicking on this link: Spring Term booking form