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The college is a private limited company. The name of the company is Bedstone Educational Limited.

The company directors are: Henry Stewart Blyth, Xuyan Lin and Jing Wang

The contact details for the company are:

Bedstone Educational Limited, 5 Frederick’s Place, Old Jewry, London EC2R 8JQ. Tel: 020-7796-9911

The day-to-day management of the college is delegated to the Board of Governors. They are responsible for ensuring that the education, welfare and pastoral provision at Bedstone College meets the regulatory requirements of the Department for Education, (DfE) and the Independent Schools Inspectorate, (ISI).

Individuals are invited to join the governing body to add to the range of expertise available for the governance of the college.

The address of the college is: Bedstone College, Bucknell, Shropshire SY7 0BG. Tel: 01547-530303

The Chair of Governors may be contacted in writing via the Clerk to the Governors at the College address.

Chair of Governors (Safeguarding, Health & Safety): Gp. Capt (Retd) J Fynes
Vice Chair (Junior School, EYFS and LAC): Mrs. Yvonne Thomas
Teaching and Learning, EAL and Learning Support Prof. Megan Lawton
Admissions, Attendance, Behaviour, Provision of Information and Complaints Mr. Stephen Stringer
Boarding Mrs. Susan Phillips
Staffing and Personnel Mr. Vaughan Phillips
Medical Mrs Moray Hayman