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International Students and EAL

Welcoming Students from Across the World

Bedstone College has a small community of overseas students and is always delighted to consider applications for stays of one term or longer. Many young people join us initially for a short period and stay for several years. We currently attract students aged eight to 18 from 16 different countries worldwide. This guarantees that students are fully immersed in a British boarding school environment where English is most definitely the language of choice. We strictly control the number coming from one specific region to avoid cliques based on a common language or background developing. Unless parents or agents specifically request otherwise, those from the same first language will not be boarding in the same dormitory.

We expect a reasonable level of English but also offer significant EAL support. Please see our EAL Guide for more information. We also offer Pre-Sessional and University Foundation Programmes – more details available here.

On arrival we run a full induction programme, to ensure a smooth transition to life at Bedstone. We help our new students to find their feet, get familiar with the campus and life in the boarding house, as well as giving them plenty of opportunities to meet their fellow students and make friends.

For full information about applying for a place at Bedstone College as an International Student (including the Visa requirements and process), please visit here.

To read interviews with some of our current international students please click here.

Guide to EAL


The Head of EAL is Mr Leo Kouniakis.

Mr Culain Morris is a graduate of Oxford University, (St Edmund Hall). He spent much of his teaching life in science and latterly turned his hand to EAL, gaining his CELTA in 2001. He was the curriculum director at the Jian Hua School of Foreign Languages in Weihai, PRC and works at Bedstone on a part-time basis.


All students whose parents live overseas must have a nominated guardian in the UK. This is a legal requirement. It can be a family member or friend (of at least 25 years of age and financially secure, i.e. a householder, have a permanent or semi-permanent residency in the UK, must speak English, cannot be a full-time student at an educational institution) or you may choose to retain a professional Guardianship company.
For more information, please see the Guardianship Policy. Further information and advice on guardianship can be found via AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). As the only independent body offering guardianship accreditation in the UK, they set the standards for exceptional guardianship by bringing guardianship organisations, schools and parents together to ensure the welfare of international students. See further details on AEGIS Accredited Guardianship Organisations on their website