EAL / International Students

Welcoming Students from Across the World

Bedstone College has a small community of overseas students and is always delighted to consider applications for stays of one term or longer. Many young people join us initially for a short period and stay for several years. We currently attract students aged eight to 18 from 16 different countries worldwide, with no one nation dominating. This guarantees that students are fully immersed in a British boarding school environment where English is most definitely the  language of choice. We strictly control the number coming from one specific region to avoid cliques based on a common language or background developing. Unless parents or agents specifically request otherwise, those from the same first language will not be boarding in the same dormitory.

We expect a reasonable level of English but also offer significant EAL support. Those joining us for A Levels typically have the equivalent of IELTS level 5.0 or above. In the lower years we offer a great deal of extra language support to our international students. We have a full induction programme, with concentrated English at first, to ensure a smooth transition to life at Bedstone. We realise it can be quite a culture shock at first and so spend several days with new international boarders, before the other students arrive, getting used to the campus, food and rules – and getting over jetlag!

Most students applying from outside the UK come via an educational agency. The main reason is to help families through the selection process, assist with paperwork, legalities and translation. Every young person looking to enter Bedstone College from outside of the EU is asked to submit tests in English along with school reports. This is part of the visa process and tests must be administered by a registered body.

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EAL Courses

GUIDE TO EAL Sept 2018

We have several courses designed specifically for international students, including:

  • Classes, either in groups or individually, are arranged as necessary or appropriate for those in junior forms. The aim is for younger pupils to secure a pass grade in English GCSE, thus qualifying them for university entry.
  • Sixth form candidates preparing for the IELTS examination – approximately four class sessions per week.
  • We also prepare students for iGCSE English (first or second language) and PET/FCE examinations where appropriate.

Three-Year A level programme

This is designed specifically for those for whom English is not the first language, helping them acclimatise to the British curriculum and gain fluency in their chosen subjects to enable them to reach the level required for the successful completion of the full A level programme. Basic English is required for the three-year course. Contact the Head of Admissions for more information on admissions@bedstone.org or call +44 1547 530961.


The Head of EAL is Ms Gabi Kindermann. Ms Kindermann gained her teaching degree from the University of Potsdam in Berlin. She taught English as a Foreign language in Germany for five years before coming to the UK to take up a number of positions teaching German to UK students at schools in Somerset and Leamington Spa and at the University of Warwick. Her last teaching post was as Head of German at Stratford-upon-Avon Girls’ Grammar School.

Mr Culain Morris is also a graduate of Oxford University, (St Edmund Hall). He spent much of his teaching life in science and latterly turned his hand to EAL, gaining his CELTA in 2001. He was the curriculum director at the Jian Hua School of Foreign Languages in Weihai, PRC and works at Bedstone on a part-time basis.


All students whose parents live overseas must have a nominated guardian in the UK. This is a legal requirement. It can be a family member or friend or you may choose to retain a professional Guardianship company.