maths teacher and class


Mathematics at Bedstone is taught by three highly qualified Mathematics specialists each of whom has significant experience of teaching across a wide range of abilities.. For those who have to work hard to grasp Mathematics, help is provided in the form of smaller classes and pupils can ask for help at any time. For the more able, the UK Maths Challenge, set by Leeds University, provides a real stimulus.The challenge takes place three times a year and caters for all age groups. Some Bedstone students perform so well that they are invited to take part in the Mathematical Olympiad for which medals of distiinction have been received ( typically these medals are only awarded to the top 100 mathematics students in the entire UK).

In the lead up to public examinations, the Maths team provides extra revision classes which are much appreciated by pupils. Public examination results at both GCSE level and A level are very good. On average over the years, some 85% of pupils achieved grades A* to C at GCSE (national average of around 55%).

From summer 2017 onward GCSE grades in mathematics will be numeric (grades 1 through 9 where grade 5 will equate to a C grade and grade 7 to an A grade)  The vast majority of candidates in the top set in a typical year would expect to achieve an A or A* in GCSE Maths. There is a very high take-up in Maths in the Sixth Form. Further Maths is also offered in the Sixth Form alongside the traditional A level.