teacher and students

GCSE Options

In the spring term, third form (Year 9) students are offered certain options from which they can choose some subjects for GCSE. Each student is expected to take one Modern Foreign Language, either French or Spanish, although the possibility exists for them to request to study both. Initially students are asked for five choices from a general list. The subjects are then arranged into option groups which are designed, as far as possible, to avoid clashes.

The grouping of the options, therefore, changes from year to year always but consists of a choice of three from the following:- Art, Business Studies, Design and Technology (DT), French or Spanish, Geography, History, Music and Sports Studies.

These three options occupy 12 periods. In addition there is Mathematics (five), English (five), French or Spanish (four) as a compulsory Modern Foreign Language, RE (two), PE (two), PSHE (one) and the Sciences (nine). In the fifth year (Year 11), the ‘A’ set has 12 lessons of science, one lesson of RE and none of PE.

The ‘B’ set has nine lessons of Science, two of PE and two of RE. It may be the case that after the initial choices, subjects that have generated little interest do not appear in the final option groups to be found in the letter you will receive.

You should choose subjects that you enjoy doing, which you are (or feel you will be) good at and with an eye on possible AS and A2 courses in the sixth form. Do not choose a subject you do not like ‘because all my friends are doing it’.