Humanities and Languages

Language and humanities subjects are taught in Hopewell House, a purpose built and well-equipped classroom block.

English is a part of the core curriculum and is taught to all students with the majority expected to take both English and English Literature at GCSE level. The results gained by the department are outstanding and English is a popular choice at AS and A level. We put much stress on the importance of reading as well as creative writing and oral work. Theatre visits are considered a vital part of the learning experience and each year group visits the theatre with the GCSE and A level groups also experiencing Shakespeare in the best possible environment: at Stratford.

Modern Languages: French is taught from the earliest years of the junior school and is viewed as an exciting and popular subject. Careful provision is also made for those who join the school at 11 or 13 with little previous experience of French. Every opportunity is taken to enjoy both the language and the culture including regular trips to France.  Not surprisingly, many students choose to study French at A level and an increasing number combine it with Business Studies thus providing themselves with the opportunity to read international business at university. The college also teaches Spanish from the first form (Year 7). The lesson allocation is equal and students are able to make a free choice between French and Spanish at GCSE with the provision to pursue both subjects. There are regular school trips to Spain where students can enjoy the culture and continue to improve their language skills.

History and Geography are taught throughout the junior years and become part of the option groups for the fourth and fifth forms (Years 10 and 11) at GCSE. Field trips form an important part of the Geography GCSE and A level courses and the location of Bedstone makes it an ideal centre for such activities.

History is on the doorstep, too, and the medieval castles of the Welsh Marches, the museums of the Ironbridge gorge and the cathedrals of Hereford and Worcester are the focus of regular visits.  Further afield, there is a biennial trip to the twentieth-century battlefields of France for GCSE and A level candidates.

Business Studies is among the most popular subjects chosen at both GCSE and A level with many students going on to read business, international business or marketing related degrees at university.

Religious Education: All students study Religious Education leading to a short course GCSE in years 10 and 11. Through the investigation of religion, beliefs and ethics; our students are equipped with the insights and skills to take their place in a globalised world.