Science teacher and student


Physics, Chemistry and Biology are taught as three separate sciences to GCSE by subject specialists. The more able students will take three separate GCSE examinations whilst others will take the dual award co-ordinated science examination. The majority of sixth form students continue to study one or more science subjects to AS or A level and, each year, many leavers go on to read science-related courses at University.

Head of Science and Head of Chemistry

Mr. D.M. Rozée

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, PGCE Chemistry Specialist – Leicester University, BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Pharmacology – Sheffield University

“I aim for all my lessons to be stimulating and enjoyable for the students. The Science results at Bedstone are some of the best in the College and I set myself and my fellow science staff the task of achieving this target every year. I believe that the way to get the best out of every student is to stimulate and interest them as much as possible. I achieve this by having practical-based lessons as often as possible and by constantly looking for new and exciting demonstrations and ICT software.

Many students make the move to A level chemistry from GCSE and the department has a high retention rate from AS to A2.

Throughout my time at Bedstone I have visited Prep/junior schools in the local area and as far afield as London and Birmingham to give Magical ‘flash and bang’ Chemistry lectures. Local junior schools are also invited to our Science day.

During the week, a regular Chemistry Clinic is held for students who need help with their examination preparation on a 1-to-1 basis.

We are extremely lucky at Bedstone to have all science lessons in dedicated laboratories. This adds to the students’ experience – during question/answer sessions staff can grab apparatus/chemicals and explain ideas far more fully.

The students are also privileged that all examination classes are taught by a subject specialist-rather than a “science teacher”.