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Looking for a new school? Joining Bedstone is as easy as 1-2-3

To be part of our Rapid Onboarding Programme, including limited places for this Summer Term, email or call 01547 530961

Appointment of Mr Toby Mullins as Headmaster

Following a thorough Application Process for the role of Head of Bedstone College, we are delighted to announce Mr Toby Mullins (BA, MBA) as the outstanding, and successful, candidate.

Mr Mullins has been acting Interim Head since 22nd February, and has already established a strong foundation for Bedstone’s transformation, whilst ensuring that the School retains the caring, supportive ethos for which it is well known.

Bringing over twenty-two years Headship experience to the role, with a track record of successful initiatives in a range of schools, Mr Mullins has introduced positive changes which have been well-received, including extended day activities, increased flexi-boarding options and enhanced 6th Form programme with Industry Mentoring and University Guarantee Scheme.

He is delighted to be appointed as Headmaster, appreciative of the support he has received, and excited to be able to continue working with parents, students, staff, governors and owners to deliver on the future-proof vision of growth for the school.

New Bedstone Saturday Academy for the Summer Term

Year 7-13 Evening Activities/Boarding Opportunity for the next two weeks

The evening activities programme is now available to book via the parent/pupil portal in the same way as afternoon activities are booked.

We are delighted to be able to support the academic and social development of our students by introducing evening activities plus an option to stay for ‘bed and breakfast’.

From sports and strategy games, to practical science, history, English and introduction to coding, there is something for everyone

If you have any queries, please contact Mr Braden –

Application Process for the Role of Head of Bedstone College

A tremendous opportunity to lead a delightful school with great aspirations and a child-centred approach.

  • Full Job Description and Application Form available from Headspace Academics Ltd via this link:

  • Please email a PDF version of the application form entitled: ‘<Your Name> Bedstone College’ to by 12 noon, Friday 9th April

  • All enquiries and applications should be directed to Richard Stevenson at Headspace Academics Ltd

The School prides itself on empowering each pupil to achieve their potential in everything they do. The focus is to prepare pupils to cope with the many and varied challenges in modern society, ready to leave the school as well-rounded individuals.  This includes academic, sporting and other extra-curricular activities.

Applicants should have strong communication skills, resilience and must demonstrate a commitment to the School’s ethos.

Founded in 1948, the School has an enviable history.  As you will read elsewhere on our website, kindness is at the heart of the Bedstone Family – the school motto, “Caritas”, translated literally, means charity. The School values tolerance and encourages pupils to be confident enough to respect each other’s opinions and views whilst putting others before themselves.

Set among south Shropshire’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the college enjoys over 40 acres of surrounding countryside for its extensive campus of modern buildings and playing fields.

This role presents a wonderful opportunity to lead, motivate and develop our wonderful School and staff whilst maintaining a caring, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment.

Start date September 2021.

Closing date for applications: 12 noon, Friday 9th April

First stage interviews: week commencing Monday 12th April

Second stage interviews: week commencing Monday 19th April

Transforming Education – New Initiatives Announced

Exciting transformation taking place at Bedstone, with new initiatives including extended day learning, flexi-boarding, tailormade tutoring, industry mentoring, career pathways and an enhanced academically-focused Sixth Form programme (

Please contact to register your interest in attending a Zoom call with our Headmaster to discuss the transformation

Getting To Know The Bedstone Family – Chloe Evans

We are delighted to introduce a new series short videos, helping you get to know our Bedstone Family just that little bit better.

Whether welcoming new starters, or featuring staff who have been part of Bedstone for a number of years, we hope that you find the content interesting, especially in the current climate where face-to-face contact is so restricted.

We continue the series by Getting To Know our Head of Music – Miss Chloe Evans!

Please click here to view the video.

Tribute to Arthur Dyball by Monty Halls OB

Monty Halls is an Old Bedstonian, British TV Broadcaster and marine biologist.

At Mr Dyball’s Funeral Service, Mr Lynch read out the Eulogy which has been written by David Gajardharsingh (Head of Bedstone between September 2011 and December 2018), and Monty Halls builds on this Eulogy for his tribute:

“I’ll just very briefly add to David’s wonderful eulogy if I may, and I’ll do so for the perspective of what you might term an end user – a student at Bedstone. And I know I speak for many, many thousands of others when I talk of the affection, respect, and love we all had for Arthur. And I hope he would forgive me if I called him, just on this occasion, and for these last few words, Dibs.
He was a true polymath, loving history as much as any other subject, and so to quote Pericles seems very apt:
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”
Now more than ever, we are all learning just how significant teachers are for young people. The pandemic has made us all profoundly aware that teachers are mentors, and pass on way more than just their chosen subject to their students. Through their actions, their bearing, and their character, they also pass on how to carry yourself as a person, how to treat others, and how to view the wider world. Generations of pupils at Bedstone therefore learned from Dibs that kindness, decency, patience, diligence, and acceptance of every race and creed – these were the important things in life. There is not a single child that passed through the school that cannot personally recall an act of kindness from him, a quiet word, a thoughtful gesture, or a timely intervention. As such the example he set continues to resonate in all of us today, regardless of age, location, or occupation. It is quite a legacy.
As William James noted:
“The great use of a life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
He also, of course, was a great scholar of English, so having already used a couple of quotes, I think Dibs would forgive me for finishing with one more.
This could very well have been written addressing Arthur directly, and his truly unique relationship with Bedstone and the young people under his charge:
“Your depth of commitment,
your quality of service,
the product of your devotion –
these are the things that count in life.”
I think it’s fair to say that the pupils from Bedstone who were lucky enough to be taught by Dibs, a vast community now spread to the four corners of the world, would be unanimous in saying thank you to him. Thank you for a life well lived, and the manifest gifts you passed onto all of us. We will never forget you.”