Meals and Catering

We are rightly proud of the quality of food created and outstanding reputation of our in-house catering team.

All meals are taken in the main dining room and conservatory. There is a wide, healthy and varied menu selection each day. Our food typically is locally sourced and cooked on the premises: not shipped in frozen or pre-packed. Our catering team are directly employed by Bedstone and take real pride in their work. Staff eat alongside students, so we emphasise the social enjoyment and etiquette of dining together.

There are always fresh vegetables, fruit and full seasonal salad bar available. Typically at lunch there is a choice of hot dishes, lighter snacks such as jacket potatoes, hot or cold dessert and fruit. We also run Themed Meals during the term, co-ordinated with events either across the school and all students and staff are invited to host an evening of entertainment and food aligned to a theme of their choosing (for example, Indonesian Evening or Greek Night).

The menu rotates every three weeks and is reviewed each term according to what is seasonal, sourced from a hand-picked selection of local suppliers including Rowlands Ltd of Shrewsbury (fruit and vegetables) and Andrew Francis of Ludlow (meats).

In addition to lunch, fruit is available at morning break, and homemade cake in the afternoon break. Boarders are also served breakfast, supper and the very popular Sunday Bedstone Brunch, as well as a new initiative to provide a Fake-Away home-cooked meal every Saturday night. Boarders also receive a ‘Happy Birthday’ cookie in term time to help celebrate their special day.

We take food allergies very seriously, with all domestic staff holding a Level 2 Food Allergy Certificate to enable us to create an individual plan for every child with allergies, intolerances or special diet. Dishes containing potential allergens are clearly labelled. We always have vegetarian options and serve healthy, tasty, wholesome foods from around the world. Those with specific dietary requirements do have varied options and simply need to make us aware of their diet before joining Bedstone. Meat is prepared and served entirely separately. We are also very alert to possible eating disorders and the medical, catering and boarding teams work closely together, with clear protocols, to ensure all students are eating healthily.

There is NO additional charge for meals.

Please click here to see the menu for Summer Term 2023