rugby players


Bedstone offers opportunities for sport which are, perhaps, unrivalled in a school of our size. The college fields almost sixty different teams in such sports as: hockey, rugby, netball, badminton, tennis, athletics, cross-country, swimming, cricket, rounders, basketball, volleyball, and football. Each group will either be involved in training, or in playing, several times each week as the season demands.  Bedstone regularly achieves county, regional and even national success – which is quite outstanding for any school, particularly for one that is relatively small. Once again it is every student achieving the best of which he or she is capable of and living out the Bedstone ethos that is important.

Whilst there are some young people for whom sport is not an immediately popular activity, the right encouragement and coaching can lead them to discover at least one sport which they enjoy and at which they can perform well.  It is no surprise that during a student’s time at Bedstone he or she is likely to be selected to represent the college as a sports team member – an honour that is always won through personal effort.

The college enjoys over 15 acres of playing fields and some outstanding sporting facilities. The wider college grounds also provide challenging terrain and are the venue for the annual Midlands ISA cross-country championships.