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Ethos and Aims

For 70 years, Bedstone College has prepared young people to enter the outside world with well-developed personal skills, self-confidence and the finest academic qualifications within their scope. Bedstone was one of the first independent schools to become fully co-educational and the friendly family atmosphere that successful co-education creates within a smaller school is immediately obvious to any visitor. We pride ourselves that children don’t get lost at Bedstone; it is a place in which every child really does matter.

Our mission is to build confidence in every one of our students so that they can be the best that they can be. We do this by encouraging them to try new things, to be respectful of the achievements of others and allowing them to have a sense of pride in themselves and their school community.

Our goal is to prepare them for the world beyond school.

We aim for all of our leavers to be:

(a)        Curious:            so they are willing to explore concepts and ideas that are currently beyond their horizons

(b)        Robust:             so they are able to deal with the inevitable challenges and disappointments that life will bring

(c)        Adaptable:        so that they can learn and develop new skills rapidly and hence be successful in our ever-changing world

(d)        Tolerant:           so that they are able to understand the importance of, and see the value of, the contributions that that people of other faiths, cultures and lifestyles bring to   the global community

Bedstone is consistently one of the top independent schools in the county in the GCSE and A level league tables. More importantly, however, is that students leave here having fulfilled more than they would have hoped for when they joined us; both in the classroom and beyond it. At Bedstone, expectations are everything.

Set in the beautiful uplands of south Shropshire, bordering Herefordshire and Powys, the college is far from the distracting influences of urban life and yet it is within easy reach of all major cities and airports.

The college enjoys not only a stunning setting but also a beautiful main building, Bedstone Court. Built at the end of the nineteenth century it is one of the very few calendar houses in Britain.   It is now home to the senior and junior college boys and, on the ground floor, the library, reading room, dining facilities and administration areas are housed. Much of the campus has been purpose built within the last 20 years and the mixture of old and new provides a rich and stimulating environment.

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Bedstone-Court (History)

Today the college caters for young people between the ages of four and 18 years in the junior and senior schools.

At Bedstone there is a firm belief that each child has the ability to excel in at least one sphere of college life and that it is the responsibility of the college to find and nurture that area of excellence.

A well-qualified and highly motivated staff, a hard working student body, and a friendly, family atmosphere make Bedstone College a happy, dynamic and successful school.

The Governing Body comprises a number of successful people from a variety of backgrounds, including education, finance, management, HM Forces, business, the civil service and law. Almost all of the board have close connections with the college, having been old students or parents. The board meets three times each year and as well as being responsible for the financial health of the college, they also decide the strategic direction of the college in consultation with the Headmaster.

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