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Fees per term from September 2021

UK Students

Reception to Year 2  £1,725
Junior School Day Fees (Year 3-6) £3,640
Junior School Boarding Fees (9-11 Yrs)  Contact Admissions for details
Senior School Day Fees (Year 7)  £4,320
Senior School Day Fees (Year 8-13)  £5,030
Senior School Boarding Fees (Year 7-13)  £10,000

International Students

 Boarding Fees (9-18 Yrs) £12,500

Bedstone College fees are ‘All Inclusive’. This means that we do not charge additionally for the following:

Daily transport on school buses

Text Books & Exercise Books


Public Examinations sat for the first time

Most sporting activities and coaching.

Please click here for Accounts department information and a full list of chargeable extras

Please click here for information on our Pupils’ Personal Accident Scheme

There won’t be any nasty surprises in the end of term bill for ‘extras’. This means that you can accurately budget for the cost of sending your child(ren) to Bedstone College.

Bedstone-College-UK-Day-Fees-Sept 2021

Bedstone-College-UK-Boarding-Fees-Sept 2021

Bedstone-College-International-All-inclusive-Fees-Sept 2021

Fees are reviewed annually and the fees for the next academic year are announced at the end of the spring term.

Please note if you wish to withdraw your child from Bedstone College, a full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Head or a term’s fees will be charged in lieu of notice.

Fees for international students can be found on the ‘International’ pages of this website.