International Student Experience at Bedstone

Maria, a student from Ukraine tells us a bit about her experience at Bedstone.

Please can you tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Maria and I am from Ukraine.

How old are you?
I am 16 years old.

What are your interests?
I like doing sport, playing the piano and listening to music as well.

When did you first start at Bedstone?
I have been studying at Bedstone since September 2017.

Did it take you long to settle in?
Not long. This is not a big school so everybody knows each other and it’s easy to get used to living and studying here.

Are you enjoying it?
I am enjoying staying here. I think this school can help me to find myself, to find what I really want to do in my future.

What are your favourite subjects?
I used to not like chemistry and biology but the longer I stay here the more I like these subjects. We do a variety of experiments and research and it is interesting to learn things in this way.

How would you describe life at Bedstone?
It’s like a big family that can support and help you.

Do you think other students you know would like it here?
Yes, they would.

What is the most surprising thing about Bedstone?

Doing sport outside when it’s really cold and raining.

What have you learnt whilst you have been here?
Self development is very important.

Do you think Bedstone has helped you improve in any particular subjects or disciplines?
I think for me Bedstone opens new horizons, gives new experiences and teaches how to be more organised.