Sixth Form Curriculum

We are pleased that you are considering Bedstone for Sixth form.

The College has in the past followed a very academically rigorous set of courses, and we are anxious to continue to academically encourage our students all the way. At the same time, we recognise that – as a non-selective school – we must be able to offer courses to students of all abilities and interests.

The subject option blocks are assembled each year based on feedback from Fifth formers who intend to stay at Bedstone and from outside candidates who have already signed up to join the Sixth form. Whilst we cannot guarantee that every student is able to study every AS level that they would wish, we are very proud of the fact that over 90% of the Lower Sixth gain access to their top 3 subjects at AS.

In the Lower Sixth in addition to seven class periods per week students are expected to work on their own initiative in their private study periods, in the evenings and at weekends.

In the Upper Sixth class periods increase to eight at A2 level. One guarantee that we can give is that the science subjects and Mathematics are always kept apart, to allow potential medics to gain access to the required subjects. When choosing AS subjects, students should seek advice from the Heads of Department and also consider: • their likely or actual performance at GCSE level in the subject • whether it is possible to ‘pick up’ a subject having not taken it at GCSE • their intended degree at university • their intended career path • how much they enjoy the subject It is strongly recommended that students do not base their choices on such factors as staff, or friends who are likely to take the subject too.

AS and A2 courses are more intense than GCSEs. They require more work, and greater effort. It is expected that all students will have an ethos of application and care to their work. They should also be prepared to read widely around subjects, to organise their free time and study periods effectively, and to set up an effective and thorough revision timetable in preparation for exams in January and June. With candidates studying only those subjects that genuinely interest or motivate them, it is hoped that it will not be necessary to cajole any student into working to the best of their ability. As long as all students do give of their best, then they should find the Sixth form a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Sixth form handbook and options